Client Love

In Gratitude for the love from these amazing clients 

Desiree Silva

Julie has played a key role in my healing journey.   When I was searching for an energy healer I stumbled upon her modern day goddess course and was instantly drawn in. I KNEW I would be safe with her as my guide. She has an incredibly warm, inviting & nurturing energy. You can’t help, but to feel at ease when speaking with her. Julie’s intuition and ability to see one for who they are is truly remarkable! She helped me uncover the dreams/interests I had hidden away from myself. Most of all she showed me that I am CAPABLE of taking command of my life. For that, I’ll be forever grateful.

Dr. Jennifer Paulson, DNP

The name says it all, Whole Soul Wellness! Jules has provided me with clarity, direction, and insight that I was lacking during major transitional shifts in my personal and professional life. I walk away from our sessions with new tools, renewed energy, clearly focused, and a plan to move  forward in areas I was stuck on repeat.  Her intuition and  guidance has been spot on which is so beneficial when you're deep in the trenches of big decisions. I'm proud to have Jules as part of my tribe and a referral source for my patients.

Renee Bauer

Where to begin? Jules and I met online and I reached out to her based on one of her posts. I am so so so happy I did. Jules kindness, compassion and ability to see through the BS was uncanny. Her humor was timely when I needed a little lightness. I am in my late 40's and had just gone through a difficult divorce. I was feeling really lost and depleted emotionally. I knew I needed to make some changes and get back in touch with what I loved about myself, figure out who I was now and what I wanted at this point in my life.

We identified areas in my life that were on repeat and Jules helped me to make shifts in my heart, my beliefs, my body and my mindset so that I could run my own life without beating myself up or feeling like I don't deserve it.  I fully understand how invoking my intuitive abilities has renewed me and gave me exactly what I needed during this time and going forward.

This was life changing and refueled my outlook on what is possible. I allowed myself to safely let go what was no longer working for me.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your patience and understanding while finding a way to be direct and seeing me as I needed to be seen.  Forever grateful! 

Holly Roberson

The loss of a loved one is obviously never easy, and when they pass suddenly its wrought with unanswered questions. Losing my brother was a tragic accident of a human that was on a tumultuous path. There were things about his journey, and the choices he made, that ultimately took his life; these choices were deeply confusing to me. I desired answers to piece together the puzzle, insight that would allow me to understand how “we” (he/my family) got to this point. I'm not sure I would have even known to look to an intuitive healer for insight, luckily the stars aligned and Jules and I were connected. Fast forward: I committed to working with her to communicate/connect /hear from my brother on things I had questions about. This process of connection also accessed my divine wisdom to hear and feel what was being received. Within the first session she had tapped into my brothers energy/spirit and was able to communicate things about his life that could only be known coming straight from the source. The information I got was intense, to say the least and it was immediate, and powerful. Through our time together I was able to learn about when his soul was struggling and finally when it had moved on and was starting to be free. This was very important to know, and helped in my grieving process. There's something very tender in knowing when a loved one is truly at peace.  Working with Jules was an integral part of reconciling the grief and loss of my brother. It opened my heart and relieved my mind from eternal questioning, allowing his passing to be better understood — from here, deep healing could begin. Thank you Jules!!

Angie T.

This was just the collaboration I needed to regain my confidence, find my way back to myself and begin piecing together all the ways I've ignored my intuition. I understand now how to hear my own guidance, my own voice of intuition. Once Julie and I started working together I knew it was time to face the realities of what I had been putting off. Her wisdom and ability to hear the root of what is going on was so helpful. She gave me actual homework to complete each week and at first I was thinking this is going to be hard and then I had an epiphany during an assignment and everything began to click.  6 weeks later I feel like I can finally breathe again and see my way into a brighter future. I will definitely take more programs with Julie down the road.

Janet Barber

During the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic I was aware of the increased fraying of my nerves and I knew I needed to do something to regain balance. I had previously researched and been thinking about trying the HeartMath interactive program to help me increase my calm and resilience and was thrilled to find Jules Tartak a HeartMath teacher and intuitive counselor who was available via ZOOM. Working with Jules on an individual basis was amazing!  Because of her skill set she was able to tailor the course to meet my individual learning needs.

Jules demeanor immediately inspired a warm and trusting environment where I was at ease. She is an amazing listener who has the ability to listen below the surface and pick up what your Soul is not able to express in human language.  Her observations and recommendations were exactly what I needed to create a deeper value of what HeartMath has to offer.  Jules also gave me the unexpected gift of pointing out some strengths I have which thanks to her honest style I was finally able to own. Thank you for your special magic Jules! ♥️

James Evanow

Jules coaching practice can be summed up in one word. Amazing! Being a coach myself and having been coached by some great life coaches and business coaches throughout my life, I can honestly say that Jules’ approach is unlike anything that I have ever experienced before. She seems to have a knowingness about her client, and she brings a fresh, humorous, fun, yet a deeply higher consciousness approach to her coaching sessions. Whether you are looking for your first coach, or you are looking for an experience in coaching that will get to the heart of any issue that you are facing, sign up with and work with Jules. You will not be disappointed! "These words are from the heart Jules. Thank you for being with me and being there for me in a very uncertain time in my life. You are pretty awesome lady. Life is full of adventure and I am opening a new page. You gave me the spark needed to reignite my passion to explore new avenues and close old ones".

Amy Foster

Whole Soul Wellness; her talents are in the name. Every intuitive session I've had with Julie involves the whole picture; past lives, present life, and future projections. The information received is intimately nourishing for the soul and the overall wellness that consumes you after a session will leave you wanting to come back for more. I came to Julie in a time of deep life pondering, soul searching, guidance, and affirmation. Questions like, "What is my purpose? What is my next move in life? Who was I before this life? Is the path I'm on the right one?" constantly ran through my mind, coinciding with the overall feeling of being lost. During my sessions with her, not only did I get the exact guidance I needed, but she was also able to affirm my deepest intuitive thoughts, feelings, and soul pulls. That for me was huge because I had always doubted my intuition and I have now learned to lean into it, listen to its whispers and trust, trust, trust. I highly recommend Julie for anywhere you are in life, anything you ponder and all the soul clearing business one could need.

Adam Hayman

After just one session with Julie I felt my life had shifted. Learning and becoming conscious of my shadow self and the limits I had carried since childhood have allowed me to start letting go of what no longer serves me. Now, after multiple sessions, we've talked about romantic relationships, family members, past lives, in between lives, and more. I am incredibly grateful for Julie and all that she brings. Very excited for our next session!


It has taken me months to write this review because I needed the change that Julie bestowed to percolate. I think in today’s world we are trained for quick changes and when it comes to old wounds … that’s just not a reality. I finally reached out to her after I had reached the bottom and REALLY needed to let go and heal. She offered me guidance, answers, awareness, love and extra tidbits. I’d like to think she linked arms with me and skipped down my life path for awhile until I was strong enough to continue on alone. Thank you Julie for the lifetime of changes you gave. Whole Soul Wellness indeed. xoxoxxx 


The fullness of the information and gifts you offered settled deeply within me and illuminated many parts to be seen with clarity. I found myself stopping in my tracks when it would hit and justed paused in awe, repeating, “Wow!” I feel back into my momentum of growth, healing, understanding and flow. I deeply remembered who I am. I’m certainly unstuck. So many juicy nuggets of info popping up in unexpected places and people creating release and closure on some things I’ve been circling around for about 3 years. It’s as though all the spinning chaos is falling back into place and connecting into a much deeper knowing. I’m able to drop into trust again. The day after this check in, I was able to completely ground in nature and felt alive. A big deep sigh of relief and joy filled my being. I relaxed into myself and from there propelled forward on my journey with clarity in direction and action. Relationships all around are blossoming into a richness I’ve been afraid to allow and feel. Im opening like never before."


Julie came to me as a referral and I can say that I am filled with much gratitude for the connection. She was the first and only healing guide I have worked with. Many changes were happening in my life at the time, and I had reached a roadblock in a long-term relationship. I had been searching for something more than traditional therapy and found exactly what I needed with Julie. Immediately upon meeting her, she sensed my energy and stress level, which she quickly replaced with calm and peace. In that single session I received so much more from her than I had anticipated. Soon after waking up the morning after our session, I felt an incredible surge of clarity and knew what I had to do to move forward. Julie was also a huge help last summer when I experienced the sudden and tragic loss of this love of my life. During our virtual sessions, Julie was able to help me process the sadness, confusion, loss and despair I was feeling, and gain an understanding of where his soul was and how to continue to connect with him. She gave me peace, support, knowledge and the strength I needed to get through an incredibly difficult period of my life.

Liz Marie

I just recently had my first session with Julie and WOWZA!! She is absolutely magnificent. I felt like every minute spent together was incredibly insightful and moving. She was so tuned in - to all aspects of my being. At multiple points, I thought to myself "how the heck did she know that?". She helped me uncover things about my past in a new light that was really transformative. No joke, I took about 15 pages of notes in my notebook and keep referencing them after the session and I have already begun to see a shift in my relationships - based on both greater awareness of myself, others, and spirit. And to top it all off, she is hilarious! It didn't feel like work to work with her, instead it was filled with plenty of ah ha moments, giggles, and smiles. Her abilities are such a rare blend of deep wisdom, connection to spirit, AND humor. I am blissful and light and so, so deeply grateful.


Julie is an intuitive and empathic guide with a true gift. During distance Reiki sessions, Julie has been able to consistently pinpoint where energy has been stuck or stagnant within my body.  Speaking with Julie after each session has given us the chance to discuss what she has found, how it has been showing up in my life and steps to take to keep the energy moving. Working with Julie always has always been a positive and empowering experience. She is a warm and caring person who has a truly amazing gift.

Karen Sipes

I met Julie at a Power Animal workshop. The session was incredible and intense and an experience that has led to a deep transformation for me. I stayed after,  and she did some energy work with me. Her intuition about me was spot on.  I had never really thought about doing Reiki, but feeling the energy shift in just the brief time with her after the workshop was enough to convince me that it could be very beneficial to me.

Julie is a beautiful spirit, and even though I have Complex PTSD and deep trust issues, I felt completely safe and at ease during our first session. Her coaching after the energy work offered sound, intuitive guidance that resonated with me. I've gone back several times and will continue.

I have been struggling with severe depression since I was a child, which is at times debilitating and leaves me feeling defeated and hopeless, with suicidal ideation. I rarely express the true depth of the darkness when it sets in, and as a performer, am quite good at masking it even on my lowest days. Walking into Julie's space for one of my sessions with the smile and light banter that easily fools even those who know me well did not serve to hide the depth of pain I was in from Julie. She knew immediately that I was in a sort of internal crisis mode, and as she began her energy work with me, was able to get to the core of the dense pain I carry, and to actually leave me feeling lighter and stronger in my body and spirit. Her empathy and wisdom in our talk afterward made an equal impact. I walked out of that session feeling hope, something that I rarely allow myself to feel.

I still see a therapist, and she has seen a marked change in me after just a few sessions with Julie. I have lived much of my life thinking that my depression and the weight of my past will continue to wear my spirit down as long as I breathe and that the best I can do is manage my days and power through the best I can. Just surviving. I am starting to believe that there is a chance for more, that this darkness, which is starting to lift, can become light, and I can return to the state of being that is my birthright. I think healing is a continuum of seeking the path that is right for each person. My path was stalled. Therapy has been a lifeline for me, and I will continue in it, and cannot possibly be more grateful for my therapist. Adding Reiki and coaching with Julie was the right addition to my healing journey to help move me forward and open roads along the path that can lead me to wholeness and joy.

Angela A.

I met Julie in a roundabout way through a friend. For almost 2 years now, I have been doing my best to shake a negative relationship out of my life. My brain knew this relationship was not good for me, yet it felt stuck in my body. Like I could not let go. I tried on my own….to cut chords, sage my house, burn past journal entries, cry it out, etc etc. Those would work for a bit, and then I found myself back at square one again.  My friend said, you know, get in touch with Julie Tartak. She will be able to help. I was willing to try anything. And I am glad I did.

With Julie's help, I feel as though the weight of that negative relationship was lifted. During our first session,(which was via phone because I live in Portland) I cried for the first 15 minutes, in a way which brought about a true release for me. Julie reminded me that I was allowed to be sad, allowed to feel this to the fullest extent.

I believe we all have the ability to heal ourselves and to know what is best for each one of us,if we just stop and listen to our bodies and our hearts…even knowing this, I felt so stuck, and so tired of being back at square one…I needed help to get my body back on track with my mind!  With Julie's help she reminded my body of the deep wisdom within myself. She helped release it through her Reiki. It is people like Julie who keep us all on track with our ability to trust ourselves.

After our first session, I felt a change in my body and emotions surrounding the negative relationship. I felt free for the first time.   I continue to work with Julie and appreciate her enthusiasm and knowledge… her heart felt desire to be a support and help those she works with.

She is the type of person who one can reach out to and she will reach  back with a presence of being in the moment, full of love and the fullest desire to help each of us reach our greatest potential. Thank you so much Julie!


Tia Van Slyke

Julie's readings are very encouraging and comforting to me. I especially enjoy her laughter and authenticity. I have been interpreting my dreams with the help of her guided journal. Most of all though, her ability to connect to energies of loved ones and relay messages has helped me find peace on my path.

Lisa Wheeler

I have the pleasure of knowing Julie for several years now. The first time I had a session with her was truly amazing. She speaking to me of the energies she was receiving. I knew who she was talking about, thinking "Oh My Gosh!!" Her insights were very helpful to me and made so much sense to me.   Over a year ago the unthinkable happened. My youngest son died.    I reached out to Julie Her love and sympathy was very real and touching. Her ability to let me know about his experience was very comforting...there were things that she relayed  to me that she had no way of knowing how true it was. I found it very loving and peaceful. Knowing Julie has changed my life for the better! Thank you Julie!

Amanda Laird

I have had a few sessions with Julie throughout the years.  She is such a sweet soul and shared some powerful messages with me.  She is definitely “tapped in” to a higher sense of knowing and is able to share it with others, providing answers, knowings, or things we can’t necessarily see ourselves. The information she shares is powerful and I’m always so appreciative everytime I have a session with her.  I highly recommend Julie.  You will not be disappointed! 

Alan Jorgenson

The first moment I talked to Julie I felt her amazing and peaceful energy come through very strong. I once asked about my brother who had passed away when I was very young, she closed her eyes and then quickly asked me who Robert was. Robert is my father who recently passed away. I didn't ask about my father nor did I mention that he had passed. She let me know that he was finally truly happy and that he was with my brother at that very moment. A truly amazing experience. 

John McGuinnis

Julie, You really have been an amazing strong energy force to come into my life.  I enjoyed our sessions and talking with you on the phone.  I want to really thank you for everything you’ve done to help me out. You are seriously good at what you do. It’s been a pleasure to have been given the opportunity to open up to you as I felt very calm and trustworthy.  I’m certain we will remain in touch!

Annie Cattabriga-Alosa

Julie put me at ease right away with her authenticity and humor, then delivered an intuitive session that was supportive, honest, and encouraging. She held up a mirror for my healing, and helped me explore aspects of my soul that I hadn’t yet seen. I left the reading feeling like I had a clearer vision of who I really am.

Gretchen Grooms

My sessions with Julie came at a very tough time in my life when my spirits were low and my physical body was struggling to keep up. All of the rest in the world was not enough. I just needed the juice to keep going because quitting was not an option.  Wow, did Julie deliver!  I was able to power through the tough time and enjoy the smoother road ahead. Julie is super compassionate, a wonderful intuitive and a breath of fresh air.  I love her down-to-earth nature and the way she delivers her words and her energy in a very real, but kind and sincere manner.  She is a kick-ass healer and I highly recommend her.

Carly Sullivan

Are you ready for a completely unique experience?  Intuitive Reiki sessions and coaching with Julie have been one of the most eye opening experiences I have ever had.  Through Julies intuition and beautiful abilities to communicate her practice, I have been taken on a personal journey inside my being.  I had no idea what to expect as I prepared to have my first Reiki session, but Julie has a special energy that is one of non-judgement, kindness, and compassion for every being she encounters; which helped me find ease and comfort through my first Reiki experience.  Julie is passionate about her Reiki & Coaching practice.  She gives you 100% of her attention as she carefully answers each question as though it were the first time she was asked.  As I lay on the table, the full hour felt like 20 minutes as I was taken to a completely relaxed state.  I could feel the energy moving about my body and suddenly it was over.  Julie expressed some incredible statements in our debrief of the experience.  Through Reiki she was able to help me tap into unknown areas of stress being held in my body, and coached me through tangible next steps that I could begin the second I left the table.  The remainder of the day I was filled with a new-found energy, it was literally buzzing through my body. Julie helped me gain energy, learn new things about my self, and provide a clear path towards taking my life in a healthy direction.  Thank you Julie for your attention, energy, and focus!