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Jules + Soul Wellness

Hi! You are welcome to call me Jules or Julie. Both are true!  I am a Heart + Soul Wellness Practitioner, Intuition Activator + as well as an Intuitive, Change Maker For How You Talk To Yourself, Seer, Spiritual & Personal Growth Empowerment Coach. I am a Mother to an adult Son who gives the best hugs and makes me laugh, I am blessed to have a few very dear besties, and I am happy I incarnated most days.   

What I Do

My higher self has an energetic conversation with your higher self, I walk between worlds, and utilize all of my gifts so I may access your heart + soul imprint on this current timeline and several others.  I teach + coach intuitively to guide you so you may begin to take steps towards a new.  

I see your heart + souls healing template and guide you to create a plan that has enough structure and yet is flexible and doable for you. Your unique template allows you space to understand yourself better, your patterns, your relationships, work, decisions and gives you evidential growth and confidence on your healing path.  The goal is to get you feeling happier, clearer, aligned with the version of you that is asking to be seen and set free, healthier and tuned into your intuitive language. 

A Glimpse: My Story

My younger years had incredible depths of understanding and rooting for how to live in the terrestrial world from my mom and step-dad and I understood spiritual insights and a cosmic lens about how to live in the celestial world from my dad. 

The Glimpse

As a female whose purpose was not articulated until my early 40's, I tried on many different versions of myself in search of one version that felt like home. Somewhere between being born, several dark nights of the soul and a few existential crisis, I found my way. 

I got real about who I was, what stresses were making behave unhappily and why I felt so stuck.  Flash Forward through a gazillion tough and wisdom earned life lessons, I finally got organized.

I began my practice as a Certified Holistic Lifestyle & Wellness Coach in my early 40's, along with several coaching modality studies, became a Reiki Master, practiced multiple spiritual and behavioral studies, including honing in on a lifetime being Intuitive/giving Psychic Readings, Energy Field Practices, Multi-dimensional communication + visitations, Lucid + Astral Dreaming, Certified HeartMath Mentor, Certified Food & Spirit Practitioner, Shamanic Lightworking, and other modalities along the way to take me where I am currently. I also rely on my intuitive voice system now as my true north compass. I am supported by an Angelic Realm, Spirit Guides, The Arcturians and Sirian Archangelic Light League, and others. Check out this video regarding my childhood Archangelic Light experience! Good Fun! Enter the shifts beginning 2020.

Souls Calling

My Souls Calling runs through my bones, blood + DNA. It's the most serene and empowering feeling to guide other women towards healing and meeting themselves over again a sense of renewal.

I know what it feels like to live, think and practice conflicting systems of belief and action when all you really want to do is get aligned with what your souls is asking of you.  When  you stop talking smack about yourself and you've chosen to no longer bite your tongue speak up and hold yourself with honor, you feel differently.

No more checking out emotionally, feeling undervalued, feeling like you want changes but you're not sure how,  along with a whole host of other sabotaging inner dialogue. I've been divorced, abused by others and myself, had victim mentality, had old stories bogging me down with worry and stress that were heavy and more. I've lived a colorful life and gained incredible insights. 

I took on all of these experiences for my souls growth but the true gift was stepping into my Inner Power, my innate wisdom and being able to share it with other women who have felt powerless, stuck in life and stagnant. 

My soul must share what it knows. I can't wait to work together Soul-Shine!

Reclaim Your Power
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