Building Resiliency

Online HeartMath Class

Are you ready to build your resiliency and manage your stress and energy levels with scientifically practiced techniques that help you quell fight, flight or freeze?

HeartMath (Building Resilience) is a self-regulation system and process that includes technology, training and mentoring.

  • As a person who has had a few unhealthy tendencies, I for one found this system a healthy way to bring awareness to one’s physiology, emotional, mental, physical energy input and output.


  • My stress levels have reduced, I am able to emotionally regulate my heartbeat and myself in a moment that feels overwhelming, and keep my energy without feeling drained.


  • This is a great program if you are a parent, if you've been used to chronic stress or bouts of acute, if you'd like to change your relationship with your thoughts, energy input and output and bring more peace into your existence.

You can practice Building Resilience anywhere which is very helpful when you are stressed out and frazzled.

Benefits May Include:

  • Better quality sleep
  • Better quality relationships
  • Even keeled and feeling more able to manage life
  • Better health
  • Make choices that alleviate extra stress
  • Coherence within your heart and mind
  • Handle whatever comes up in a situation or circumstance with a different approach
  • ... and other amazing benefits.


  • $225 per participant (family or non-related participants)
  • 10 Online Spaces Available – (Must have 3 participants minimum)
  • Each Class Approximately 90 min
  • Manual Included
  • Real-time Techniques to Practice + Mentoring

PRIVATE ONE ON ONE CLASSES AVAILABLE – Inquire for details (Includes Manual, Techniques, Building Resilience Mentoring + Personalized Coaching to help you on your transformational journey).

xo Julie


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