Intuitive Soul Reading

Intuitive Soul Reading + Laser Coaching is a most immediate and effective way to gain clarity. Step one on your Journey into Whole Soul Wellness. 

Your Whole Soul Wellness is speaking to you everyday! This means we are diving deep in a flash style session. This is a first step to a system that deepens your intuitive understanding or can be used as a stand alone.

If you have questions (spiritual, directional, circumstances, relationship, personal growth, work, etc) feel "stuck" in your life emotionally or a situation, you will receive heart centered guidance, clarity and soul nourishment coaching to move forward.

This session may also include: Past, present and future, spirit connections with those passed, circumstantial relationship energetic reads, human behavior energetic profiles, emotional time-line dot connecting and/or clearing, past lives, lineage and ancestral work, holistic health coaching, breathwork, boundary setting, Reiki, drum, rattle, journey, holistic health, Chakra care, HeartMath and whatever is called for in your session.

For long term results and care to your whole soul, click here to Listen, Envision, Evolve.

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