Listen, Envision, Evolve

Awakening your soul and igniting your inner power means knowing how to shift your inner talk to align with your highest self expression. To gain an understanding of how to shift, you've got to know How To Listen & Envision In Order To Evolve.


Women beat themselves up on the daily often with their inner chat whether it's at the forefront or a program running in the background. You are bursting at the seams to feel alive and find your purpose and then your inner talk steps in and sabotages all your feel goods.

The Soul speaks louder, dreams become more chaotic or muted and this makes you more restless, depressed and uncomfortable if you don't listen and heed the calls and know yourself well enough to make changes.  Whether you are a Maiden, Mother or Crone, every woman faces dark nights of the soul throughout different stages in her life.

Some leave you feeling: 

✔︎ powerless

✔︎ stupid

✔︎ unsure of your footing in life

✔︎ your nervous system is in an uproar 

✔︎ a lack of purpose

✔︎ depressed

✔︎ you've lost your inner compass. You know it’s there, but you could use a little help finding it.

✔︎  disconnected from yourself, others. 


I truly understand the courage and work it takes to hear your intuition, quell sabotaging inner chat and find your brave heart. To hear what your soul is asking of you is a practice. Most of you feel a pull to fulfill a timeline narrative or call and often you interrupt your greatness with non-productive negative self-talk.  You can read a glimpse of my story and my souls journey here.


Being and Becoming is a rite of passage and initiation. You have lost so much of yourself to inner doubts, others voices, not being able to trust your own.

✔︎  No more blaming yourself for "should have known better" thinking and taking on the weight of not listening to your intuition.

✔︎ Look at it that you've been gathering information as to who you are what you don't want

✔︎ You want to make choices in favor of yourself, take back your personal power and celebrate the stage you are in with all its beauty while growing and becoming.


If you are ready to evolve your personal and spiritual  growth (this just translates to kickin ass and befriending dragons) and want to feel:

✔︎ confident

✔︎ ready to say goodbye to repeat patterns + sabotaging inner dialogue 

✔︎ aligned with your highest self

✔︎ nourished in your body, mind, spirit, mind, heart and soul

✔︎ a connection with the version you know lives deep within you

✔︎ understand your dreams from source messaging

✔︎ learn your intuitive language 

✔︎ design your life forward

Then reach out right now and let's fill your Whole Soul Wellspring with the things you envision for yourself and hear your souls prompt as an invitation. Say yes to your souls growth.   *FULL DETAILS HERE! *

"You are the salt of the earth my love, the marrow of life.
You are a soul in the flesh. Never forget your light!"

Let's restore your magical self and fill up your wellspring of personal power!