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Are You Listening To Your Intuition? 

Take this FREE quiz and discover if you are using your natural intuitive powers?  


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Intuitive Soul Reading 

Begin your journey with an Intuitive Soul Reading on your way to Listen, Envision, Evolve or keep it as a stand alone single reading.

Energy Doesn't Lie.

I will read what speaks the loudest from all that you hold within and what you emit in a frequency.  You can ask specific questions or you may allow for whatever comes through naturally. It's fun, Try it! 

For the deep dive, ask me or check out the learning system Listen, Envision, Evolve & book a discovery call. 

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Evolve (for lasting change)

You will naturally begin to Awake Your Souls Inner Power as you Evolve.

Your intuition is the holy grail of how you live your life. Every decision you make is either guided by your intuition or not. Whether your soul softly whispers or ramps it up and becomes extra loud, it all begins with knowing how to listen.


✔︎ to your souls nudges

✔︎ to take action,

✔︎ to feel good like you belong in your life

✔︎ to boost your confidence

✔︎ to reframe old stories

✔︎ to set boundaries

✔︎ to get clear on what does and does not work for you

✔︎ to hear your inner-voice

✔︎ to know your intuitive language

Do you want to live your life ignoring your intuition or do you want to fire up your Inner Power and rule your own world Unleashed?


         Client Love 

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Julie has played a key role in my healing journey.   When I was searching for an energy healer I stumbled upon her LISTEN ENVISION EVOLVE course and was instantly drawn in. I KNEW I would be safe with her as my guide. She has an incredibly warm, inviting & nurturing energy. You can’t help, but to feel at ease when speaking with her. Julie’s intuition and ability to see one for who they are is truly remarkable! She helped me uncover the dreams/interests I had hidden away from myself. Most of all she showed me that I am CAPABLE of taking command of my life. For that, I’ll be forever grateful.

~ Desiree Silva

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Soul Kitchen + Blog

Cooking up soul wisdom, recipes, musings and more

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Healing With Tones and Frequencies In Your Home

About 11 years ago I discovered Binaural Beats Music! I was so excited about this right brain, left brain hemisphere idea, had no real clue what it actually was at the time and I knew that meant I was going to have to find out first hand! You can find a few of my favs below!

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Grounding Wild Mushroom Soup

Sometimes I want warm soups that are rich and healthy. Here’s one I love to make! It’s extremely grounding and centering. Mushrooms can grow on trees, from the ground, and they ask us to play seek as they hide and reveal themselves when we tune in and are ready see to see their fungi pop!

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Touch Is A Language of Its Own

Touch begins the moment we are entering into this world. No matter where you live, no matter what your culture, your human condition has been wired for the nourishment of touch. I believe it’s part of the physical human experience. From the moment you are born people are... 

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